Advancement Through a Knowledgeable Workforce

The best way to ensure the future of the pipeline industry and the success of pipeline surveyors is to share knowledge and expertise. In doing so, our goal is to help create a highly qualified pipeline surveyor workforce to meet rising demand and exceed expectations.


The Association of Professional Pipeline Surveyors’ curriculum trains surveyors on the most crucial topics and pipeline survey challenges.

Courses provide critical information specifically for pipeline survey projects. Importantly, APPS’ courses assume participants (whether they are survey team technicians or professional licensed surveyors) understand the basics of land surveying.

In most cases APPS’ courses provide licensed surveyors with continuing education credits, but every member of a pipeline survey team -as well as engineers and others involved with routing, pipelines- will benefit from the curriculum.

Each APPS Pipeline Surveyor course has two goals.

  1. Provide information about, and certify surveyors for, the unique aspects and responsibilities of pipeline survey work; and
  2. Help pipeline operators:
    • mitigate legal and financial exposure;
    • assure their assets' safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance; and
    • avoid costly endeavors such as avoidable pipeline rerouting.

In order to receive the APPS Pipeline Surveyor Industry Certification, a participant must a) complete courses 101, 102, and 103; and then b) pass courses 201, 202, and 203.

Today, an APPS Pipeline Surveyor Certification is not necessary to perform pipeline survey work. The designation is an industry certification. It is a marketable asset and evidence a surveyor better prepared to conduct a pipeline survey than those without the accreditation.


Throughout the year APPS hosts seminars, webinars, and an annual conference.