The First On The Site And The Last To Leave

America's demand for energy is staggering and still growing. Whether the average person realizes it or not that demand requires miles and miles of natural gas pipelines. Those pipelines must be meticulously surveyed to navigate topography, comply with federal rules, manage environmental demands, and fairly address land ownership issues.

Pipeline surveyors and their teams are tasked with the critical job of being the first people on a project and the last ones to leave.

The Association of Professional Pipeline Surveyors (APPS) is building a qualified and informed pipeline surveyor workforce through pipeline-specific surveyor advanced trainings and certification, and access to important industry updates. APPS also takes steps to educate pipeline industry project managers, policy makers, and community stakeholders about surveyors' roles in assuring safe and effective pipelines throughout North America.

APPS is the first organization to offer information and training to keep surveyors, policy makers, project manager, and communities well-informed about pipeline surveying demands and the demand for pipeline surveyors.

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