APPS’ partners are critical links to surveyor communities and to assuring APPS facilitates the most accurate and important pipeline survey information. Our partners are not necessarily members, but they play important roles in helping APPS fulfill its mission.

APPS is particularly proud of its partnerships with:

  • the National Society of Professional Land Surveyors;
  • The Critical Infrastructure Workforce Academy; and
  • the Gas Technology Institute.

Each of these partners, pursuant to their own missions, helps APPS deliver the most relevant information to the broadest audience of land surveyors, nationwide.

APPS is also proud of its partnerships with state societies of land surveyors and a growing number of survey vendors and suppliers.

State Associations - APPS works closely with a number of state societies to assure the association’s pipeline surveyor courses are valid and acceptable as continuing education credits. APPS reviews its curriculum on an annual basis and submits any cahnges or new materials to the state societies to assure it meets their standards and can accrue toward their surveyors’ continuing education requirements.

Vendors & Suppliers - APPS is grateful to the survey vendors and suppliers who agree to sponsor the association’s work. We are also grateful to those vendors and suppliers able to work with APPS to provide APPS members with added membership benefits. Through affinity agreements with survey vendors and suppliers, APPS members receive discounts on a wide range of products and services critical to their work.